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You can set the price you want. I don't set prices, and i don't care about the amount of cash i get in return when drawing.

you choose the amount of points you can pay for 1 character. and please if you add a character, you may have to add 10-15 points.

Okay so c'mon,don't be shy. ask me in comments or send me a note!


> Done: (EXEMPLES)

For :iconyasextreme213:,Her OC :…
She Said she would give me 100 Points for anything,And that's an awful lot more than I wanted! Thanks to her! It was a pleasure.

For :iconangeldevilsophie:,Her OC :…
She gave me 55 points! thanks a lot!

For :iconryuu-kageri: Her OCs
she didn't have much points to give but that's okay. I really don't care about the prize :3
25 points

For :iconyalarof: Her character
This was really fun!
17 points

For :iconyalarof: Her character
Cute character!
17 points

For :iconyalarof: Her
Pretty character!
17 points

For :iconryuurenz: Her character
Never thought I'd draw Monobear one day.
20 points

For :iconyalarof: Her character
It was easy and fast to draw.
17 points

For :iconashleyshiotome: Her character
Attractive character~
35 Points

For :iconrelyon: Her Character
70 points Thank you!!!

For :iconyalarof: Her Character
Practiced a lot of things whole drawing it!
17 points

For :iconmadam-top-hat: Her Character :
35 points

For :iconyalarof: Her Character
20 points

For :iconkyunu: Her Hetalia OC
It's been a while that I didn't draw any military uniforms! the Hetalia days...
17 points

For :iconyalarof: Her OC
Sadly the last commission I'll ever do to her since she left DA ):
25 Points

For :iconflarechess: Her OC :
Was a pleasure.
50 points

For :iconnoodle-therapist: Her OC
So generous uwu
150 points

For :iconzomlien: her two OCs
I sure wish she really liked it.
For :iconkenjisama: (not done yet)

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GredellElle Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday, Key!
hope you have a wonderful day and the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days~
Stay awesome girl! :iconyuiglompplz:

oh also, can't forget the cake~
*put a slice in front of monitor*
KeYashu Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god you're so cute I can't

thank you for the birthday wish! they were rare this year..........*cries*

Kenjisama Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday lady~
KeYashu Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thaaanks :D
Shazaca Featured By Owner May 24, 2015
Joyeux anniversaire :>
KeYashu Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Merci ~ ^^
Naseki Featured By Owner Edited Apr 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Stumbling by once again.

I remember you being heavily interested in astrology and associating it with personalities. And mistaking me for a Capricorn. You also seem to enjoy analysing the personality of people and characters.
So, I was wondering whether you had ever heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It's some kind of typology that indicates your overall personality based on your preferences considering focus, taking information, making decisions and lifestyle.
On Tumblr it's like the psychologically more accurate version of astrology, however people sometimes apply the Forer effect there, something I also notice in posts involving astrology.

If you've never done a test before, you should take it here:…
Try to be as honest about yourself as possible and don't influence your current mood. It could affect your result greatly.
I get the xNFJ vibes from you, perhaps ENFJ.

P.s. No, I haven't finished Death Parade yet.
KeYashu Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's always nice to see you!

I remember too, I no longer think you're Cap, far from this. You feel like a scorpio, but a really mental one. Remind me of your birthday?
I like personality analysis, observing people is something i really enjoy, which is why i like astrology.
I get the Forer effect thing! thank you for giving me the word, I knew about the phenomena but didn't know what it was called.

I know about MBTI, I am an INTP. Like Sherlock, and Einstein.
The percentage of INTP and ENTP i got is similar (both close to 50%) which shows that I am quite of an ambivert so if ANTP existed I'd say I belong to that type. I think while I'm speaking/typing, which is an Extrovert thing to do, but I'm also the sort of person who lives more inside of their head, and sometimes I don't realize I just spent days just thinking instead of living my life. I get to bed and say "did something important happen today?" and think that yes, a lot of things: I realized/discovered/concluded that this and that. But none of those things are related to real life, at all. 
What happens inside of my head is more important to me than the people i've spoken to during the day or all the things I've seen. It's why I lean more towards introversion, I guess. But I get extroversion spikes sometimes, and become long winded and super noisy. It's the times where I am in the mood for clearing up what's on my mind and sharing what I have. In these periods if I am not encircled by friends I feel very lonely and miserable. I am in these periods when I'm typing long messages on the internet. Ironically enough, after I socialize, I become so exhausted by the effort of opening up that I isolate myself and become very rude, to drive people away and recharge the batteries. Extroverts recharge by sitting by a sunny spot and chatting with friends, I recharge by staying in a place that is the dimmest possible, like my room, or an empty classroom, and drown in my thoughts, write or draw. I could stay hours sitting beside a friend without speaking a thing. I am glad that they understand. While a lot of people can generally be extroverts a time ,then switch on the opposite other times, the different between the two moods looks harsher with me. It's like I'm a different person and I don't make a lot of friends because of that. I get called neurotic and temperamental.

At least you got the iNtuition part right.
I can't believe you think of me as a feeling person? ?? we all have feelings but I think of them as foreign things to me and I have a tendency to get worked up when faced with strong emotions like, jealousy, anger  or attraction. I flip off about it like, "ugh what is this that is happening to me. It is so unreasonable," and discard the feelings away, successfully keeping my composure. I like to tell people I have a cold-heart, but it's not because I don't feel: it's because I prefer to rely on my mind than my heart and I can be harsh if it seems to me like the right thing to do. I genuinely enjoy being blunt sometimes but my politeness gets me. I like criticism because it is such a mental thing that should not be contaminated with personal feelings or sympathy.

And, I guess, I like to judge but not in that way
I don't judge the things i see as white or black I like to let the options open and breezy

Oh man, I wonder about yours. INFJ? Or maybe not J? Or are you probably not a mental person? I could get surprises, or not Intuitive?

EDIT: I decided to retake the test.
...It still says INTP, Turbulant Id. so i'm good, i wasn't influenced when I first did the test. Being influenced by your mood when taking a test isn't a very INTP thing to do.
50% introverted
22% intuitive
22% thinking
42% propsecting
32% Turbulent

the philosopherrrrr
the describ underneath is brilliant, I really see myself in it
role: analyst
dam right
i like this type hueheue im so proud
what is feels lol
no but, i really like this type, it's rare and we like it 

PS: Deathp stopped being worth it anymore after 9 but I finished
Naseki Featured By Owner Edited May 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a Libra. 12th October.

I wasn't sure about you being a thinker or a feeler. Now that I think about it, that was awful of me to think you're the latter.
I'm surprised you're P though as your general perfectionism really screams J to me. Judging isn't about judging things. It's about taking things into consideration, planning, finishing any project you've started, having control over your life.
I knew you had at least Fe as one of your four main cognitive function, along with Ne and Si... Yeah, perhaps INTP suits you better after all. However, INTP's tend to be very unaware of their own emotions but can be very warm-hearted towards others. I'm not sure whether I see that in you. INTP's never try to hurt someone either and it tends to happen accidentally. There's a reason why INTP's are also called "the warmest machines", as opposed to INTJs being called "the coldest human beings".

Close, but I'm INTJ, one of the rarest types you'll ever find, even rarer than INTP. I'm the Moriarty to your Sherlock (we'd play nice games). And Hannibal, both Lecter and the general. Generally your typical fictional villain. I wonder why you'd think I'm a feeler while at the same time you see me as a cold-blooded sociopath. I've never heard of a xxFx sociopath before, my dear.
I deal with feelings the same way the average INTJ does: Throwing them away, because they're useless and only bring people to illogical choices. I take pride in my rationality and blunt honesty. I even literally told you that I found showing emotions rather weak.
I'm on the edge with J, which is why it took me a while to determine whether I'm INTP or INTJ. Their interests and personalities are similar if you take a glimpse at the two, but they're in fact the complete opposite. Now I consider myself an INTJ whose motivation is drained which resulted to me being a huge procrastinator.

Ps. DP goes downhill? What a bummer, but I'll finish it anyway.
KeYashu Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought of you as a scorpio because of a vibe, maybe because I relate you to Ippo, if I used my head I'd see you better as libra.

My general perfectionism comes from my turbulent identity, I think.

It's about taking things into consideration, planning, finishing any project you've started, having control over your life.

Hmm haha yeah, not a judging person I am

Well, maybe I seem like a feely person on the internet

Well, I don't go on intentionally hurting people, in fact I tend to be a nice, gentle person. (I've been called gentle before....I was really surprised)  But I happen to judge it necessary to ditch the sweet talking for the sake of delivering the truth, no matter how much it hurts. I also want to be treated in the same way. Actually, I find that I enjoy the pain of the truth.

yeah, machines

Oh yeah Moriarty that's awesome
holy fuck I like that character
like a very brilliant villain but a straight villain not the emotional shitfucks inside 
in your veins flows liquid black sorrow
We should make a great pair
In fact, if we were in a series, I'd enjoy our interactions the most
I'd probably even ship us
i'd be the hero and you the villain

Yeah i guess it sounds contradictive to be cold-hearted and a sociopath but also a feeler
Seeming unfeeling and being unfeeling isn't the same thing, sometimes the cold-blooded ones are the ones with the hottest blood
Maybe it's that intensity
in a way being intensely not emotional still deals with emotions, which is why
sorry i m not making sense

I deal with feelings the same way the average INTJ does: Throwing them away, because they're useless and only bring people to illogical choices. I take pride in my rationality and blunt honesty. I even literally told you that I found showing emotions rather weak.

We're not different, dear.

You're so INTJ
just talking to you is scary
I shouldn't feel so uneasy just speaking to a friend online
this is why sometimes i get all awkward and reject you
we're both proud creatures and your superiority hurts my pride too

Did I write INFJ? I meant to write INTJ. So I guessed right (it was pretty obvious, a little.) 

PS: They forgot the point.
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